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WHY Invest in SEOUL

  • Center of Global Business

    Center of Northeast Asia, connected to over 30 large cities within 3 hours
    Incheon International Airport located near Seoul for the past 12 years
    Ranked in the top 5 for the best airports
    83 domestic and international airlines service 175 cities in 54 countries

  • Abundant and High Quality Manpower

    70% proportion college graduates in Korea
    No. 3 global ranking of the best cities in which to study
    Seoul is ranked 10th in the Global Urban Talent Competitiveness Index

  • Optimal Business Environment

    No. 1 global ranking in the 2021 Bloomberg Innovation Index
    High-speed 5G communication network, free public Wi-Fi, etc.
    The world's best digital city, the center of the R&D industry

  • Industrial clusters and
    Key business areas

    About 820,000 businesses are located in Seoul
    comprising 5.21 million employees


  • ICT

    ICT Industries

    Seoul is the center of Korea's ICT industry.

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  • BIO

    BIO Industries

    The city of Seoul is where the most clinical trials for new drug development are conducted in the world.

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  • R&D

    R&D Industries

    Seoul nurtures global startups and small and medium-sized enterprises that will lead the future.

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  • Digital

    Digital Content Industries

    75% of Korea's digital content is produced in Seoul.

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  • Tourism

    Tourism Industry

    Hidden nature and palaces exist in many buildings, Hanok traditional architecture enhances the charm of Seoul.

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  • Beauty

    Beauty Industry

    Musinsa, Mediheal, honey glow mask.. The K-Beauty Unicorn was created and developed in Seoul.

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  • 01Cash Grants

    For Foreign Direct Investment that has a significant effect on the Korean economy,the state or a local government may provide the foreign direct invested company with cash grants to partially support the funds required for its business operation

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  • 02Subsidies

    Local governments may grant an employment subsidy and an education and training subsidy in consideration of the employment scale and the impact on the development of the local economy.

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  • 03Tax Exemption

    In cases where a foreign investment meets the following requirements, the relevant investment can be exempted from acquisition tax and property tax on real estate in accordance with the Restriction of Special Local Taxation Act.

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  • 04Business Centers

    Seoul Metropolitan Government operates 257 rooms at 10 sites to lease places of business for foreign direct invested companies.

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Comprehensive Platform
for Foreign Investment