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Korea's Fashion Industry

Korea Fashion Market Size
Korea Fashion Market segment Size
Korea Fashion Market segment Size
Market segment men’s suits women’s suits casual clothes sport wear under wear children’s clothes clothing market Shoes Bags Fashion market
2020 performance 3.881 trillion won 2.6677 trillion won 15.6056 trillion won 5.9801 trillion won 2.1076 trillion won 912 billion won 31.154 trillion won 6.1051 trillion won 6.1051 trillion won 40.32 trillion won
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General Status of Textile Fashion Industry
Division Importance Manufacturing Textile andFashion industry
Number of companies (units) 10.2% 440,766 44,931
Employ ment (thousands people) 6.5% 4,123,817 268,918
Top 4 Korean Fashion Companies
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  • SAMSUNG - 15,455 billion won
  • LF - 5,348 billion won
  • SSG international - 14,784 billion won
  • THE HANDSOME - 11,948 billion won
※ Source : Korea Federation of Textile Industries
Online Fashion Market Size

In 2020, the volume of online shopping mall transactions increased by 17.9% compared to the previous year. Existing online shopping mall operators as well as offline operators are actively entering the E-commerce market and are experiencing rapid growth.

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A turnover trend by type of E-commerce market (Unit : 100 million won)
Division 2016 2017 2018 2019
Specialty mall 629,506 - - 1,083,106
General mall 312,351 - - 511,278
Specialty mall grows 318%, General mall grows 158%
※ Source : Korea Federation of Textile Industries,

Seoul Fashion Industry

Dongdaemun Fashion Cluster

Dongdaemun, located in the center of Seoul, is a cluster of all fashion-related services from fashion-related stores to subsidiary materials and sewing factories for manufacturing.

※ Source : Seoul Design Foundation, 2020 Dongdaemun Fashion Market Revitalization Plan
Status of Dongdaemun Fashion Cluster
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Dongdaemun fashion sales ratio of total domestic Textile Fashion Sales - 17%, 15billion won
Visitors to Dongdaemun Fashion Market - Maximum floating population per day(1 million people), Foreign visitors(yearly)(8 million people)
Dongdaemun Fashion Market Number of Businesses and Employees
Dongdaemun Fashion Market Number of Businesses and Employees
division Number of business Number of workers
2012 2018 2012 2018
DongdaemunMarket Area Jung-gu 3.7 2.6 2.6 1.6
Jongro-gu 1.2 2.2 4.1 2.7
Dongdaemun-gu 6.3 10.6 4.4 6.8
Seongbuk-gu 2.9 3.1 1.9 1.9
Seongdong-gu 11.7 12.6 10.6 12.9
Subtotal 25.9 31 23.6 25.8

Seoul Fashion Week

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It is a global fashion business event hosted by Seoul City and is held twice a year in March and October. Seoul Fashion Week, which forms the center of Korea's fashion industry, has the largest collection in Korea. It was launched in 2000.
※ Source : Seoul Fashion Week,

Seoul Fashion Support Center

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  • Urban Fashion support Center (Seoul Fashion Creative Studio SFCS) - Support for creative space and provided customized programs such as marketing, education, and activity expenses
  • Northeast Fashion support Center - Support for production activities of sewing companies and support for various businesses
  • Southern Fashion Support Center - Space configuration and equipment support such as photo studios, conference rooms, and runways
  • Northwest Fashion Support Center - Various business support such as fashion education, system establishment and space operation of the clothing manufacturing industry