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Seoul at a Glance

National Credit Rating

  • AA
    May 2023
  • Aa2
    May 2023
  • AA-
    May 2023

National Brand Value

  • No.10
    8.9% increase over the previous year
    Announced by Brand Finance in 2023

A city of hosting International Conferences

  • No.2
    No.2 in the world, No.1 in Asia:
    Announced by the Union of International
    Associations (UIA) in 2022

Global Financial Competitiveness

  • No.10
    among 130 cities in the world by Global Financial Centres Index(GFCI 33)
    No.5 in infrastructure, No. 9 in city reputation, No.10 in financial industry development
    Announced by Z/Yen March, 2023

Economic Growth

  • No.12
    (USD 1.7219 trillion)
    IMF, 2003
  • No.9
    Foreign Exchange Reserves
    (USD 426.7 billion)
    Bank of Korea, April 2003

Global Innovation Index

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 2022
  • No.6
    Global Innovation Index overall ranking
  • No.1
    Korea ranked 1st place in 7 indexes among 81 indexes in total
    • -Innovation capability
    • -Patent applications ratio to GDP
    • -PCT ratio to GDP
    • -Design application ratio to GDP
    • -Researcher ratio to population
  • European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) 2022
  • No.1
    Korea ranked 1st place 9 years in a row
    -Acquired 121 points in the comprehensive innovation index

Global Startup Ecosystem of Seoul

  • No.12
    Seoul ranked 12th place among 290 cities in the world
    Announced by Startup Genome June 2023