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Who we are

Commissioner’s message

Bon-hi Gu, Commissioner Bon-hi Gu, Commissioner

Welcome to Invest Seoul!

Invest Seoul has officially launched In February, 2022,
to attract the prominent global companies and
foreign investment into Seoul.

We support leading global enterprises entry into Seoul
and promising Seoul-based businesses’ growth globally
by creating an attractive investment environment.

Above all things, the main goal of Invest Seoul is
to help foreign investors find a successful business.

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we endeavor to provide optimized service for
the needs of global companies and investors, in collaboration with industry-specialized
institutions, private-sector experts in each field.

Invest Seoul pledges to become a reliable business partner for foreign investors who invest in
the future of Seoul and domestic companies which dream of becoming global players.
Invest Seoul is here to support your innovation and success.

Thank you.

Bon-hi Gu

Invest Seoul is a Foreign Investment Promotion Agency established by
Seoul Metropolitan Government to make an investment environment
that is friendly to foreign investors, with the aim to transform Seoul into an
attractive destination for global investment.

  • Vision

    Making Seoul into an innovative 
    economic hub of activity for 
    global companies and

    talented professionals

  • Mission

    Based on its expertise, Invest Seoul aims to become a dedicated business partner throughout the overseas investment attraction and the entire process of companies growing into global players.

  • Core Values
    • - Comprehensive
    • - Customized
    • - Connected