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Who We are

Invest SEOUL

The main goal of Invest Seoul is to help foreign investors find a successful business.

By communicating with investors via various languages, we provide massive support for the sustainable growth of foreign-invested companies.

With innovation and success, Invest Seoul will be with you.

Based on our extensive knowledge and rich experience, we provide multi-stage support programs optimized for the needs of foreign investors, in collaboration with specialized institutions from various industries, private-sector experts from various fields, and the central government,

Furthermore, Invest SEOUL endeavors to faithfully serve as a reliable investment platform, creating constructive value for investors, enterprises, and partners, in addition to industries based in Seoul. We will be a faithful companion both to foreign investors who seek to invest in the future of Seoul as well as businesses in Seoul that are aspiring to become global companies.

  • Vision
    Making Seoul a leading
    hub of global business, innovation,
    and talent in Aisa
  • Mission
    We are committed to serving as a devoted business partner, leveraging our expertise to provide active support across the full business cycle from foreign investment promotion to shared growth.
  • Core Values
    • - Comprehensive
    • - Customized
    • - Connected

City of Optimized Business Environments

  • 01 Seoul, the city of innovation
    • Availability of high-speed communication network systems (e.g.5G) and free public Wi-Fi as one of the world’s top digital cities.
    • Realization of governance convenience and transparecy through a global top-quality e-government system.(Korea ranked No. 1 in the E-participation Index (EPI) on two consecutive occasions and No. 2 in the E-Government Development Index (EGDI) of the UN e-Government Survey in 2020).
    • Availability of convenient public infrastructure systems for affordable access, such as transportation, telecommunication, electricity, and water supply.
  • 02 Seoul, the leader of global brands
    • Home to more than 70 percent of the world’s largest corporate brands with advanced technologies, such as Samsung, Lg, and Hyundai.
    • More than half ot the Fortune Global 500 companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobile and Facebook, have made inroads into Korea.
  • 03 Seoul, the city of future investments
    • Strategic support for industrial clusters focusing on new growth engine industries such as research and development (Biotechnology / Medical Care / Pharmaceutical Industry), information and communication technology (IT/ICT), artificial intelligence (AI), and service (media, digital content).
    • Korea has 18 unicorns, 16 of which are in Seoul(Korea ranked No.5, tied with lsrael, by Cb lnsights in 2021 & MSS)

City of Top Talent

  • Keen enthusiasm for education
    and high college enrollment rate
    (college graduation rate in
    age group with 70%)
    Korea ranked No. 1
    among OECD top 5
  • Excellent educational
    Korea’s college education system

    ranked No.9 in the world
    and ranked no. 2 in Asia

  • Global Cities Talent
    Competitiveness Index

    Seoul ranked No.10 in Enable
    and No.6 in Grow
    overall: ranked no.1

※ Source: Education at a Glance, 2021 by OECD, Quacquarelli Symonds, 2018, The Global Cities Talent Competitiveness Index by INSEAD, 2019D
Seoul, a megacity with a population of over 10 million
One-fifth of the Korean population (10 million) live in Seoul, forming a massive consumer market.Thanks to its open culture with early adopters’ propensity to try new products, along with the discerning insight of Korean consumers, Korea is leader of global trends and a testbed for various market areas including IT, content(games/music/movies), food, fashion, cosmetics, and daily necessites.

The Ranks

하단에 내용 참고 바랍니다. 하단에 내용 참고 바랍니다.
National credit index - Rating (May 2020)
Moody's : AA2
S&P : AA
Fitch : AA-
GDP : 10th(USD 1,638 billion dollars) As of 2020(IMF)
Foreign Reserves : 8th(USD 469.2 billion dollars) As of October 2021(IMF)
  • 01 Ranked No.2 in
    investment in R&D
    versus GDP
    Announced by the OECD in 2020
  • 02 Ranked No.3 among cities
    for international
    In 2021, the Union of International Associations (UIA) selected Seoul as the 3rd best City to hold international mettings for 6 consecutive years.
  • 03 Ranked No.5 among
    The World Bank Groups’ Business Environment Assessment 2019: Ranked No.5 among 190 countries subject to assessment
  • 04 Sustainable Cities Index :
    Ranked No. 7in social
    sustainability (quality of life)
    Sustainable Cities index 2018 pubilshed by Arcadis: Ranked No.7 out of 100 cities subject to assessment
  • 05 Ranked no. 10
    in national
    brand value
    Brand Finance 2021: Increased by 0.9 percent compared to the last year
  • 06 Entered the top 16 for the first time
    in the ranking of top 30
    global startup ecosystems
    The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2021, Startup Genome