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Tax Exemption

Tax Exemption

In cases where a foreign investment meets the following requirements, the relevant investment can be exempted
from acquisition tax and property tax on real estate in accordance with the Restriction of Special Local Taxation Act.

  • New growth engine industries: Technology required for a business that facilitates the enhancement of Korea’s industrial structure and international competitiveness.
  • Companies that occupy an individual foreign investment zone
  • Newly installing a factory or a place of business
  • Investment of at least USD 2 million

※ The minimum amount of investment varies depending on business type and form of the eligible company.

  • Acquisition tax : 100 % for ten years from opening date for business + 50 % for five years.
  • Property tax : 100 % for five years from opening date for business + 50 % for two years.
  • Exemption from customs duty, individual consumption tax, and value-added tax.
    (under Article 121-3 of the Restriction of Special Taxation Act)
  • Of the two capital goods necessary for tax-exempt businesses as outlined below, capital goods imported after filing a report on foreign investment made by acquiring newly issued stocks and other methods will be exempted from the aforementioned taxes under the Restriction of Special Taxation Act:
    1. Capital goods that a foreign direct invested company imports with any means of international payment or domestic payment that it has obtained as equity investment from a foreign investor;
    2. Capital goods that a foreign investor imports as objects of investment.

※ Exemptions will consist of the amount calculated by multiplying the assessed tax amount by the foreign investment ratio.

Application and Determination Process for Tax Exemption

하단에 내용 참고 바랍니다. 하단에 내용 참고 바랍니다.
  • Application for prior confirmation of eligibility of the concerned business for tax exemption
    • Competent authority : Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Report of foreign investment
    • Only for foreign investment made through the acquisition of newly issued stock
      ※ Foreign investment made by acquiring existing stocks or equity is not eligible for tax exemption.
    • Competent authority: Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Application for tax exemption
    • Application period : By the end of the taxable year in which the concerned company commenced business operation
    • Documents to be submitted: One copy of foreign investment notification form, an application form for tax reduction or exemption, and evidential documents on sophisticated technology
    • Competent authority: Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Determination on tax exemption
    • Consultation by relevant ministries: Ministry of Economy and Finance and other authorities related to the technologies applied
      ※ In cases where technical documents are insufficient or consultation between the relevant authorities is delayed, the authorities may request supplementary documents and give notice of extension of the processing period.
  • Notice of determination on tax exemption
    • Notice given within 20 days from the application date
    • Competent authority: Ministry of Economy and Finance