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Support Program

Support Program

Providing customized support from investment exploration to follow-up investment, etc. for foreign investors and companies
Improving the performance of Seoul’s foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction through omnidirectional marketing activities

하단에 내용 참고 바랍니다. 하단에 내용 참고 바랍니다.
invest Seoul
  • Provision of investment information
    • Providing information of Seoul (AI Chatbot, Online platform)
    • Publication Market information reports (AI, Bio&Medical, Fintech, Smart Mobility, Robot)
    • Foreign Investment Consulting Service
    • Invest Seoul Brand marketing , PR(Public Relations)
  • Connecting Seoul’s startups with global investors
    • Providing Seoul startups information (1,000 Startups in Seoul)
    • Investor Relations(IR) and matchup investor and
    • Legal support for foreign Investor
  • Foreign Direct Investment After-care
    • FDI All-in-one Package : Investment , Management, Settlement Support
    • Business Matching : Match up Korean Companies & experts in the relevant industries for business expansion
    • Networking : Online and Offline Conferences, forums, seminars for foreign investor and companies

Seoul Investment Information

  • Optimized information through website and AI chatbot
  • Providing information of interest on global investor’s interests
  • AI chatbotconsultation and professional consulting

Publication of investment materials

Providing market information reports for 5 new industries based on innovation technology in Seoul

For Promising Seoul Companies

  • Basic
    • Distribution of Seoul companies’ marketing materials to investors
    • Overseas market information
    • Meetupsand networking events with investors
    • Pitching consulting
  • Advanced
    • On&Offlinemeetings with global VCs
    • Overseas IR
      • Bio International Convention(BIO), Collision, GITEX, CES and etc.
      • Covering relevant expenses
  • Premium
    • One on one meeting with global investors
    • Legal expense for investment contract (up to KRW 30M)
    • Subsidy upon completion of investment (up to KRW 10M)

For Foreign Investors

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Investment information
  • Incubating facility : 44
  • Company List : 10,450
  • Fundraising : $1B
  • Industrial clusters : 7 ea
Specialized Service
  • Deal sourcing & matching
  • BizTour & Networking
Seoul Incentives
  • Cash Grants
  • Office Space
  • Network cooperation
  • Tax Exemption

FDI All-in-One Package - Maximum KRW 50M for each investment

  • Investment Support(Standard fee of legal service for incorporation or increase of capital)
    Subsidy will be provided depending on the amount of investment
  • Management Support(Consulting service fee)
    Subsidy is 1% of the amount of FDI
  • Settlement Support(Office rent and relocation service fee)
    When FDI ismore than ₩1B, subsidy will be provided within ₩5M

FDI After-care

Business Matching
  • Matching Korean Companies & experts in the relevant industries for business expansion
  • Connecting professional consultants
  • Online and offline conferences, forums, seminars, etc
  • Hosting 'Invest Seoul Day', inviting foreign direct invested companies, investors and investment-related organizations