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Service and Programs

Invest Seoul promotes the investment environment of Seoul and offers tailored services overall from investment exploration to follow-up
investment for foreign investors and global companies. In addition, Invest Seoul supports Seoul-based companies to attract foreign
capital by discovering and connecting leading foreign investors with promising Seoul-based companies.

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Invest Seoul
  • Promoting investment environment of Seoul
    • Providing investment information of Seoul
    • Holding introductory sessions on Seoul’s investment environment
    • Holding investment trend seminars by industry
    • Investment Consultation
  • Attracting foreign capital
    • Creating global investors’ network
    • Selecting Seoul-based promising companies (CORE 100)
    • Operating IR events of new industry group
    • Hosting domestic and overseas investors’ networking events
  • Attraction of global companies into Seoul
    • Exploring global companies entering Seoul
    • Holding promotion events for attracting global companies
    • Providing overall support for global companies entering Seoul
    • Creating a global startup base

Promoting the investment environment of Seoul

  • Introduce to Seoul’s investment environment and provision of various investment information and incentives
  • Promote of programs and services of Invest Seoul
  • Hold introductory sessions on Seoul’s investment environment and networking events with partner organizations
  • Hold investment trend seminars by industry
  • Publish reports on Seoul’s industry and investment trends (AI, Robotics, Fintech, Bio/Medical, Smart mobility, Beauty·Fasion, Content)
  • Provide customized investment consultation via on and offline(AI chatbot, email and face-to-face) on investment procedures, incorporation, legal, accounting, labour issues, intellectual property and etc.

Attracting Foreign Capital

  • Create foreign investors’ network and Operate ‘Seoul Global Investment Ambassadors’
  • Support activities to attract foreign capital by exploring promising Seoul-based companies focused on a new growth industry
  • Operate IR events of New Industry Group connecting with global innovative industry clusters
  • Provide legal and financial(due diligence) support on investment contracts for Seoul-based companies attracting foreign capital
  • Host global investors’ networking events
    • Seoul Investors Forum(SIF) : An event of customized investment consultation and networking between promising Seoul-based companies and foreign investors
    • Global Venture Investment Summit in Seoul (GVIS in Seoul) : A networking event for domestic and overseas venture investors and LPs

Attracting global companies into Seoul

  • Discover global companies interested in entering Seoul and do target marketing
  • Hold on and offline showcases to attract global companies to Seoul
  • Offer one-stop support for global companies who entered Seoul(All-in-One Package)
    • Provide market research cost when entering Seoul
    • Support for incorporation, investment, management and settlement
    • After-care service for foreign-invested companies on follow-up investment, networking and etc.
  • Create global startup-base: Support foreign talent to start a business in Seoul
    • Foreign Startup School (4 times a year) : 2 times in Korean, 2 times in English
    • A business model idea competition (A Big Think / once a year) : Discover and support foreign startups based on technology