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City of Global Business

Geographical Advantage

Located in the heart of Northeast Asia, a region that is home to more than a quarter of the world’s population
  • Located in the core region of logistics connecting the Asia-Pacific region, Eurasia, and the Americas by sea and air
  • Connectable to over 30 major cities populated with more than five million people within three hours

Northeast Asian Trade and Logistics Hub

Incheon International Airport, located near Seoul, ranked No. 4 in the World’s Top 10 Airports (Skytrax, 2023)
  • 61 domestic and international airlines serve 105 cities in 44 countries
  • No. 5 in international passengers, No.2 in international air cargo (ACI, 2021)

The 6th Largest E-commerce Market in the world

No.6 in global e-commerce sales in 2022
  • China($1535bn), USA($875bn), Japan($241gn), Germany($148bn), UK($143gn), Korea($118bn)
  • Source: OBERLO / Statista 2022