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General Agreement

Consent to Personal Information Collection and Use

  • INVEST SEOUL collects and uses the following information for the [Apply for Project] service:
  • Purpose of personal information collection and use, and personal information items collected and used
    • Purpose of Collection : To operate the INVEST SEOUL support project application service
    • Collection Items : Name, company/organization, email address, etc.
  • Period of Personal Information Retention and Use : For five years from the date of consent
  • You can refuse the personal information collection and use. The information collected by INVEST SEOUL is required for the [Apply for Project] service. Therefore, if you do not give your consent to the personal information collection and use, you will not be able to access the service.

Consent to Receive Newsletter

When agreeing to receive the newsletter service to be opened in the future, you will be provided with INVEST SEOUL’s latest news along with information about support projects ahead of others.

Register Basic Information

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