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[ News ] 2023 Invest Seoul BESPOKE PROGRAM
Date: 2023-08-25


Invest Seoul connects promising Seoul-based companies  with global investors and provide opportunities for them 

to discuss and decide whether to invest through IR sessions.


Bespoke program offers legal and financial accounting advisory expenses required in the actual investment execution stage.


A Seoul-based company, a startup or venture company, with its main place of business, such as the main headquarters, factory, 

R&D center, or other subsidiaries,located in Seoul.  

1. Eligibility: Seoul-based companies with a high possibility of attracting foreign investment within the current year


2. Recruitment: Around 10 companies


3. Application period: ~ November 17(Friday), 2023   It may close early if the budget is exhausted.


4. Required documents 

  •  Application form(will be provided)
  •  A copy of Business License
  •  A copy of   Consent to collect/use/provide personal and corporate information 

    ※ When an investor applies, she/he is asked to make a separate inquiry to the person in charge.


5. Support details 

  • The actual expense for business trip of IR events / up to 5 million KRW
  • The expense for legal advice and financial accounting consultation / up to 20 million KRW depending on the amount of investment attraction from overseas

Investment amount of more than 500 million KRW 

to less than 2 billion KRW

5 million KRW 

 Investment amount of more than 2 billion KRW

to less than 5 billion KRW

 10 million KRW

 Investment amount of more than 5 billion KRW

 20 million KRW


- For more details

  • Person in charge: Leslie Chang / Investment Marketing Team
  • Contact: 822 6361 4128 /  leslieyk@sba.seoul.kr