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[Recruitment] A Big Think 2022 Application
Writer: 관리자 Date: 2022-08-10 View: 7079

[OASIS-6] A Big Think 2022 
(Business model audition for OASIS VISA points)

Invest Seoul(IS), a Business Navigator for Foreign Startups and investors, is pleased to announce that we will hold the 10th A Big Think (Business item audition) aimed at granting OASIS VISA points for foreigners who want to start tech-based start-ups in Korea.
We look forward to meeting with the innovative pre-entrepreneurs!

◎ What is technology-based Business model?

- Any product or service related or combined with technology such as manufacturing, smartphone, App, IoT, web and etc


◎ Competition Overview

1. Submission of the application via email: Aug. 10 (Wed) ~ Aug. 24 (Wed)

2. Preliminary Round(Business model review): Aug. 26 (Fri)

* the result announcement on Aug. 29 (Mon)

3. 1:1 Business Consulting and Design Improvement: Aug.30 (Tue) ~ Sept.23 (Fri)

4. Final Round(presentation) on Sept. 29 (Thur)


◎ Application

- Application Period: Aug. 10 (Wed) ~ Aug. 24 (Wed)

- Eligibility: Foreigners(a person/a group) or Foreigners-Koreans teams with technology-based business models.

* Applicants should(shall) have an Associate’s degree(from Korea) / Bachelor’s degree(from Korea or overseas) or higher.

* In the case of a foreigners and Korean mixed team, the foreigners must play a leading role as representatives of the team(Founder, CEO, Head) 

If the company has already existed. Only companies established in 2022 are eligible for applying for A Big Think.

- Submission[via email]:

- Required documents: 1. Application form(Download)

                                      2. Resume(including pictures) of all team members (free form)

                                      3. a copy of ARC or passport of all team members


◎ Business Consulting

- Term: Aug. 30 (Tue) ~ Sept. 23 (Fri)

- Eligibility: 10 teams who successfully pass the preliminary round (Required)

Content: Providing customized consulting service for each team (developing business plan or strategy, etc.)

- Others: PPT design improvement ahead of the final round (presentation)


◎ Award[1st - 3rd place ]

[Money Prize]

- 1st place: 1 team, 5,000,000 KRW

- 2nd place: 2 teams, 4,000,000 KRW each

- 3rd place: 2 teams, 3,000,000 KRW each

- Others (Innovation Award): 1 team, 1,000,000 KRW



- OASIS 6 : Start-up VISA(D-8-4) Prerequisite 25 points by the ministry of Justice

- Ordinary professional Business consulting(Tax, Incorporation, Intellectual property, etc.) by IS


◎ Contact

(02)6361-4134~5 or email at

  • 2. A Big Think 2022 Application.docx [다운로드]