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    2023 Foreign Start-up Idea Contest(A Big Think) Ended
    Date: 2023.07.13 View: 19167
    • Type : Others
    • Screening Process : 1st
    • Invitation Method : Selection after Assessment
    • Number of Investors Invited : No Limitations to Applicant
    • Project Period : 2023-08-18 ~ 2023-11-02
    • Application Period : 2023-07-17 00:00 ~ 2023-08-05 00:00
    • Venue :Seoul Global Center 9th Floor (Final Round)
    • Name of the Person in Charge of the Event : Hyo-eun Park, Assistant Manager
    • Phone Number of the Person in Charge : 02-6361-4136
    • Email Address of the Person in Charge : sgcbiz@sba.seoul.kr

    [OASIS-6] A Big Think 2023 (Business model audition for OASIS VISA points)

    ​Invest Seoul, a Business Navigator for Foreign Startups and investors, is pleased to announce that we will hold the 11th Start-up idea contest (A Big Think) aimed at granting OASIS Visa points for foreigners who want to start tech-based start-ups in Korea. We look forward to meeting with the innovative pre-entrepreneurs! 


    ● What is technology-based Business model? 

    ​Any product or service related or combined with technology such as manufacturing, smartphone, App, IoT, web, etc. 


    ● Competition Overview 

         1. Recruitment : July. 17 (Mon) ~ Aug. 4 (Fri)

         2. Preliminary Round(Application review) : Aug. 14 (Mon)

              *The result will be announced on Aug. 18 (Fri)

         3. 1:1 Business Model Consulting : Aug. 21 (Mon) ~ Oct. 20 (Fri)

         4. Final Round (Presentation) : Nov. 02 (Thurs)



          - Period : July. 17 (Mon) ~ Aug. 4 (Fri) 

          - Eligibility : Foreigners(1 person or 1 group) or Foreigners-Koreans team with technology-based business models

            *Applicants should(shall) be able to legally stay in Korea and have undergraduate or higher education from Korea or Overseas

            *For a mixed team with foreigners and Korean, the foreigners must be the representatives of the team(Founder, CEO, Head) 

            *For the companies already founded, only 2023 established ones are available

            *Applicants who are not eligible for the program may not be able to join the final round even they pass the preliminary round

           - Submission : via Invest Seoul website

           - Required documents : 

             1. Application Form (Download)

             2. Resumes including pictures of all team members (Free form)

             3. A copy of ARC or passport of all team members


    ● Business Model Consulting 

          - Period : Aug. 21 (Mon) ~ Oct. 20 (Fri)

          - Eligibility : 10 teams who pass the preliminary round (Mandatory)

          - Content : Providing customized consulting service for each team (developing business plan and PPT design)             


    ● Award 

         - Money Prize and Start-up Visa(D-8-4) Points 




    Number of team



    1 team

    5,000,000 KRW

      OASIS-6 : Start-up Visa(D-8-4) 

    Prerequisite 25 points 

    by the ministry of Justice


    2 teams

    3,000,000 KRW


    2 teams 

    1,000,000 KRW 

     Popularity Award

    1 team 

     500,000 KRW



    ● Contact

           02-6361-4136 or email (sgcbiz@sba.seoul.kr)