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Seoul Startup Ecosystem

Overview of Seoul Startup Ecosystem

Invest Seoul Center(ISC) is an organization established by Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and Seoul Business Agency (SBA) to create an business-friendly investment environment for global entrepreneurs

  • No.20 Seoul
    Global startup ecosystem rank
  • 10,035
    Total number of
    startups/ventures in Seoul
  • 42
    Total number of
    startup support facilities in Seoul
Startups/ventures by industries
Most invested business area
11 Unicorns are located in Seoul

11 Unicorns

Seoul's scale-up policy

To accelerate the growth of startups, the Seoul Metropolitan Grvernment (SMG) formed the $1billion "Seoul Future Growth Fund" in 2018 and it passed $2billion as of Feb. 2021. The fund is mainly being invested in the industries of biotech, culture & contents, smart city and industry 4.0 as well as startups and comback startups.

Fund Investment Plan of SMG by year table