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What We Do
Invest Seoul
  • Marketing for investment attraction

    Exploring investment projects Supporting investor's visits to Seoul Providing investment information and publication of promotional materials

  • Assistance tailored to each investment phase

    Providing one-stop service for foreign investment Incubation of foreign startups Support for investors to become settled

  • Follow-up management of foreign direct invested companies

    Assistance with grievance handling Networking among foreign direct invested companies

Marketing for Investment Attraction

Invest Seoul Center promotes the investment environment of Seoul and helps excellent companies in Seoul to attract investment

  • Investor Relations (IR) Briefing sessions on Seoul's investment environment through the world's leading exhibitions and expositions Corporate presentations to introduce Seoul-based innovative enterprises that wish to attract investment from foreign investors
  • Support for investment attraction by enterprises Exploring promising companies to invest in, mainly in industries targeted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (Seoul's Deal) Support for producing promotional materials to attract investment Support for enhancing a company's capability to attract investment Support for matching a company to a foreign investor individually
  • Global investment network cooperation Working with relevant organizations in the private and public sectors to explore potential investors and jointly support outstanding companies to attract investment
invest seoul center
Assistance for Investors' Visits to Seoul
(Invest Seoul Biz Tour)
Providing foreign investors with one-stop service from airport pick-up and
drop-off to business activities and experience of Korean culture during their visit in Seoul.
  • 공항 송영 서비스 Airport pick-up and
    drop-off service
  • 차량지원 Vehicles
  • 통역지원 Interpretation
  • 서울시 산업 클러스터 투어 Seoul industrial
    cluster tour
  • 기업방문 및 투자 상담 Visits to enterprise and
    Investment consultation
  • 한국문화 체험 Experience of
    Korean culture
Provision of Investment Information and
Publication of Promotional Materials
Invest Seoul newsletter

Up-to-date information including the enactment and amendment of laws, regulations, and policies on FDI Industrial and business trends in Seoul and Korea Introduction of foreign direct invested companies located in Seoul and Seoul-based domestic companies to invest in

Assistance Tailored to Each Investment Phase
We offer foreign investors tailored services for each investment phase
(investment review-investment implementation-investment completion) as well as for the smooth
settlement of the investor and his or her family in Seoul.


Investors that wish to start a business in Seoul or are likely to invest in Seoul


Review of investment validity by a committee comprised of industrial experts in each sector Information on procedures, institution, and incentives for FDI Assistance for exploring an investment partner and one-on-one consultation Consultation with experts in the concerned sector
Laws, tax/accounting, intellectual property rights (IPR), HR/labor, customs clearance/tariffs, administration and finance

Invest Seoul Business Tour

Support on various needs encountered by an investors while in Seoul Actual tour of the investment environment, industrial clusters and places of business in Seoul Experience of Korean Culture (optional)
Investment Implementation
Classification Establishment of corporation Obtaining authorization and permission


A corporation newly invested in the current year or a foreign direct invested company that made an additional investment in the current year A corporation newly invested in the current year


The cost for establishing a corporation on behalf Of the concerned investor The cost for obtaining authorization and permission on behalf of the concerned investor


Actual expense Actual expense
(up to KRW 5 million)
Investment Completion
Classification Incubation Assistance for relocation


A corporation newly invested in the current year An investor who completed the investment report in the current year


Office Business information and Korean business culture Assistance in identifying business partners Assistance in everyday life to ensure smooth settlement in Seoul
· Information for everyday life
: residence, school, hospital, bank, communications, etc.
· Administration
: Visa, insurance driver’s license, etc.
Follow-up Assistance with
Foreign Direct Invested Companies
  • Assistance with grievance handling

    Identifying difficulties in corporate management and providing on-site consultation and advice from an expert in the relevant sector
    Laws, tax/accounting, traffic/customs clearance, intellectual property rights(IPR), HR/labor, etc.

    Making recommendations to the government regarding inconveniences caused by regulations and urging improvement by the relevant institution and connecting a company in trouble to the KOTRA Foreign Investment Ombudsman

  • Networking among
    foreign-capital –invested companies

    Providing information on foreign investment in real time through online and offline conferences, forums, seminars, etc.

    Hosting IS Networking Day, inviting foreign direct invested companies and investment-related organization.