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Designation of Foreign Investment Zones

Individual Foreign Investment Zone

A zone designated after deliberation on a location requested by a foreign investor to attract
a large investment above a certain scale

Category of business
eligible for occupancy

Manufacturing New growth engine technology industries Knowledge serive industries Knowledge serive industries
(computer programming, system integration and management)
Information service industries
(data processing, hosting and other related industries)
At least USD 30 million
Tourism Industrial support service
(excluding logistics)
Facilities for international conferences Theaters, sports industry promotion facilities, museums and galleries
At least USD 20 million
Combined logistics terminal business Creation of a freight consolidation facility Social infrastructure development At least USD 10 million
R&D facilities to operate an industrial
support service business or a business requiring
At least USD 10 million
A facility with at least ten regular researchers with a master's degree in the concerned filed and research experience of at least three years.


Newly installing or expanding a factory or a place of business


Rents: In the case of shared property, up to 100 percent can be reduced.
Acquisition tax: 100 percent for ten years from opening date for business
+ 50 % for five years
Property tax: 100 percent for five years from opening date for business
+ 50 % for two years
Exemption from customs duty, individual consumption tax, and value-added tax
(under the Article 121-3 of the Restriction of Special Taxation Act) · Of the two capital goods necessary for tax-exempt businesses as outlined below, capital goods imported after filing a report on foreign investment made by acquiring newly issued stocks and other methods will be exempted from the aforementioned taxes under the Restriction of Special Taxation Act: 1. Capital goods that a foreign direct invested company imports with any means of international payment or domestic payment
that it has obtained as equity investment from a foreign investor;
2. Capital goods that a foreign investor imports as objects of investment