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Employment Subsidy and
Education/Training Subsidy

Local governments may grant an employment subsidy and an education and training subsidy in
consideration of the employment scale and the impact on the development of the local economy.


Foreign direct invested companies investing in the eight major new growth engine industries of Seoul
IT·Convergence Green Industry Biotechnology Finance Business Service Digital content Fashion·Design Tourism·Conventions
Companies attracted by Seoul in various ways including signing an MOU


Foreign investment ratio of at least 30 percent New employment or education and training within five years of the date of initial or additional investment More than five new regular employees hired with a foreign investment in the previous year. For the education and training subsidy, the concerned company should educate and train new employees at vocational education and training institutions under the Vocational Education and Training Promotion Act.


When the number of Korean workers newly employed exceeds five, each of the excess workers will be granted maximum KRW 1 million per month for up to six months.
(Maximum KRW 200 million per company)