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Living Environment in Seoul

Seoul is growing into a global city.
We provide a convenient and high-quality residential environment for foreign investors living in Seoul.


Seoul's subways are convenient, clean, and especially safe, making them a representative means of transportation in Seoul that is consistently selected as one of the best subways in the world.

With 10 subway lines and hundreds of bus lines running through Seoul, you can easily get anywhere in Seoul. Also, if you use the airport train or shuttle bus, you can easily get to and from two international airports near Seoul.

Medical Services

Korea is a world-class medically advanced country and was visited by about 490,000 people for medical treatment in 2019 due to its systematic medical system and lower cost of treatment compared to the United States or Japan.

There are 38 general hospitals in Seoul that provide treatment to foreign patients. These clinics provide 24-hour care for their patients.

Medical Services

Seoul has been attracting a number of international schools to improve the educational environment off oreign children and to strengthen global competitiveness.

As of 2020, a total of 19 international schools are located in various places, and the languages are also very diverse, including English, French, Chinese, and Japanese.

Foreigners living in Seoul can work comfortably without worrying about their children's education.


Foreign Schools and
Foreign Kindergarten Information

More information on foreign educational institutions in Seoul can be found on the comprehensive information site
operated by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Foreign Schools list
Foreign Schools list
  • 1. Korea International School Seoul Campus (Gangnam-gu)
  • 2. Korea Kent Foreign School(Gwangjin-gu)
  • 3. Asia Pacific International School(Nowon-gu)
  • 4. Seoul Foreign School(Seodaemun-gu)
  • 5. Korea Foreign School(Seocho-gu)
  • 6. Global Christian Foreign School(Yongsan-gu)
  • 7. Yongsan International School of Seoul(Yongsan-gu)
  • 8. Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten(Yongsan-gu)
  • 9. Namsan International Kindergarten (Jung-gu)
  • 10. Korea Yeongdeungpo Chinese Primary School(Yeongdeungpo-gu)
  • 11. Seoul Overseas Chinese High School(Seodaemun-gu)
  • 12. Overseas Chinese Primary School(Jung-gu)
  • 13. Lycéefrançais de Séoul (Seocho-gu)
  • 14. Lycée International Xavier (JONGNO-GU)
  • 15. Seoul Japanese School(Mapo-gu)
  • 16. Deutsche Schule Seoul International (Yongsan-gu)
  • 17. International Mongolia School (Gwangjin-gu)
  • 18. Dulwich College Seoul (Seocho-gu)
  • 19. Dwight School Seoul (Mapo-gu)