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Tourism in Korea

Fascinated by sensational Korean shopping, delicious food, diverse culture, and convenient transportation, foreign tourists visit Korea every day.
Overall tourist satisfaction is 93%,Tourist intention to visit again was high at 84.4%, Korea is fast becoming a popular tourist attraction.

Photo Source : visitseoul.net

Seoul Tourism Mid-term Development Plan (2019 ~ 2023)

Seoul has prepared mid-term and long-term strategies and tasks for the qualitative growth of Seoul’s tourism.
In addition, by raising ICT funds, Seoul City is striving to become the best tourist city in Korea.

We will develop the brands of 20 “Seoul MVP (Must Visit Place) courses”

4th Industrial Revolution technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR), will be introduced to build a new “smart tourism on- and off-line integrated platform” that helps the whole journey.

A tourism program that explores the attractiveness of Seoul through the CT-based escape game method will be debuted at Seoullo 7017.

The Seoul Tourism R&D Support Center will be set up to support tourism companies, and the Seoul Tourism Promotion Fund, which will amount to 50 billion won by 2022, will be established for the first time.

Seoul City will create the World Tourism-Friendly City Council with the UNWTO to expand Seoul's influence as a tourism-leading city.

The five strategies are ① tourism city with happy citizens ② the city of numerous tourist attractions with rich content ③ convenient and safe smart tourism city ④ the city of a sustainable tourism industry ⑤ international tourism market leading city.

Photo Source : visitseoul.net

Competitiveness of Seoul Tourism

Seoul is a representative city that combines historic and modern buildings.
Hanok Village, the Four Grand Palaces, and Jongmyo Shrine nestled among tall buildings are the unique scenery of Seoul, showing a combination of past and future.

Photo Source : visitseoul.net