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Digital Content Industry

Various Korean content such as films, video content, webtoons, web novels and music
is rapidly growing and globally popularized with Korea's digital content market.

Ranked 7th
in the global
cultural content market

The size of the Korean cultural content market is approximately $63.6 billion(as of 2021), ranking 7th in the world, and is expected to grow at a CAGR(Compound annual growth rate) of 3% until 2024.

Content market size and forecast by country, 2020-2023
Status of Korea's Content Industry

In 2019, the amount of exports of the content industry increased by 6.0% compared to the previous year,
and the number of employees increased by 2.3% from the previous year.

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  • Content Industry Sales
  • Number of workers in the Content Industry

  • Content Industry Type
  • Exports and Imports by Content Industry
                                                       Source : KOCCA

Seoul's Digital Content Festival

  • Seoul VR,AR ExpoSeoul VR,AR Expo
  • Game Convention SeoulGame Convention Seoul
  • Seoul Promotion PlanSeoul Promotion Plan
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Seoul Content Support Base

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