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R&D Industry

Korea R&D Budget Size

The national R&D budget has grown to close to 30 trillion won over the past 6 years.

Korea R&D Budget size

Korea ranks 1st in government R&D investment as a percentage of GDP and 2nd in total R&D investment in the world

ranking of government R&D investment as a percentage of Korea’s GDP
ranking of government R&D investment as a percentage of Korea’s GDP
Direction of National R&D Investment in 2022

7 R&D-focused investment plan industry sectors

  • Infectious diseaseInfectious disease
    (Vaccinedevelopment, Vaccine Hub Construction or Establishing a vaccine hub)
  • Public safetyPublic safety
    (Disaster countermeasure or Disaster response , Public safety, food security)
  • Korean New DealKorean New Deal
    (Digital, Green+Carbon neutrality)
  • BIG3+BIG3+
    (System Semiconductor, Bio health, Future car)
  • Materials, Components, EquipmentMaterials, Components, Equipment
  • Aerospace. PlanesAerospace. Planes
  • Next D.N.ANext D.N.A
    (AI+ quantum, 6G, Cloud. Metaverse)
Source: Ministry of Economy and Finance
Number of R&D Application

Achievements through R&D such as the number of SCI
papers and domestic and international patent applications

  • Number of SCIE papersNumber of SCIE papers (as of 2019)41,919
  • Number of patentsNumber of patents (as of 2019)59,042
Source: Ministry of Economy and Finance

Nation's Best Industries and R&D

  • The ranking of
    semiconductor companies
    The ranking of semiconductor companiesSource: IC insight’sSamsung(1st), SK hynix(4th)
  • Semiconductor market shareSemiconductor market shareSource : OMDIAKorea ranks second in the world for overall semiconductor
    market share and the first for memory semiconductors.
  • OLED market shareOLED market shareSource: OMIDAOLED market is monopolized
    by South Korea with 89.4%
  • Display market shareDisplay market shareSource: KDIAIn the display market, South Korea has been ranked
    No. 1 continuously for 5 years

Seoul R&D Ecosystem

Seoul's Excellent R&D Industry

Seoul continues to invest money and manpower in R&D to develop excellent industries and
to support R&D for each base, and strive for the 4th industrial revolution and economic revitalization.

  • 41.5 billion won41.5 billion won
    Total investment in R&D
    in Seoul in 2020
  • 180,311180,311
    Seoul R&D manpower in 2019
  • Hongneung , Yangjae, G Valley , Dong Dae MoonHongneung
    (Bio, Medical)
    G Valley
    Dong Dae Moon
    Revitalization of
    R&D industry by base
  • 13,43813,438
    Number of R&D Organizations
    in Seoul in 2019
Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government, KOSIS