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ICT Industry

Korea is a leader in the ICT industry and
based on its high level of ICT technology and its penetration rate, Korea has been evaluated as a global ICT leader.

ICT Adoption, 2020

ICT Adoption, 2020 mobile

Source : World Economic Forum(WEF) Global Competitiveness Report Special Edition 2020

ICT Industry Sales

Even after COVID-19, ICT exports increased for the 7th consecutive month
and achieved the 3rd highest export performance in history.

ICT 생산(매출)액

ICT 생산(매출)액 모바일

Source : Ministry of Science and ICT
Korean Statistical Information Service (KOSIS) : [ICT Export and Import Statistics]
  • No.22017

    ICT Development Index

    Source : ITU
  • No.22017

    IT Utilization Index

    Source : ITU
  • No.12017

    Aisa-Pacific IoT Readiness Index

    Source : IDC
  • No.32018

    UN E-Government Development Index

    Source : UNDESA
  • No.42018

    UN Online Service Index

    Source : UNDESA
  • No.12018

    E-Participation Index

    Source : UNDESA

ICT information

ICT information mobile

ICT 산업 증가율 통계(21.05.기준)

ICT 산업 증가율 통계(21.05.기준) 모바일

Source : KISDI (Korea Information Society Development Institute)

Seoul Blockchain Five-Year Plan

  • Creating an integrated
    complex that can accommodate
    200 companies

    • Mapo Seoul Startup Hub
      (Southeastern region)

      >마포 서울창업허브

    • Gaepo Digital Innovation Park
      (Southeastern region)

      개포 디지털혁신파크

  • Fund worth 100 billion wonin consultation
    with the private sector By 2022
    to support blockchain startup

    • Mapo Seoul Startup Hub
      (Southeastern region)

      13.6 billion won will be supported by Seoul

      Support of blockchain convention, tours and other promotional events.

    • Gaepo Digital Innovation Park
      (Southeastern region)

      Will support to 1billion won for blockchain startup who have not succeeded in commercializing technology Support of up to 100 million won for blockchain related events

    ‘Blockchain in Seoul’ -Tour Course

    Seoul City Hall – Mapo Seoul Startup Hub – Sangam S-PLEX – Gaepo Digital Innovation Park - COEX

  • Fostering a total of 760
    Professional talents for 4 years

    • Business practice course

      4 weeks 400 talents by 2022

    • Startup Course

      8 weeks 120 talents by 2022

    • Advanced Professional Course

      6 months 240 talents by 2022