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Setting up Your Business in Seoul

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Setting up Your Business in Seoul

This guide has two purposes.
First of all, it details information about Seoul and the city government policies that are most appealing to potential investors, unashamedly seeking to encourage you to consider investing in South Korea and especially in our capital, Seoul.

Secondly, it details the three industries that Seoul is focusing on developing within the city limits and the plans that it has to support that development over.

the next few years. If you are in the industries of biotechnology, information and communication technology, or R&D, Seoul is going to do everything in its power to make sure you have the best environment possible to develop your business over the next few years. This document explains what those plans are.

It’s not exhaustive by any means and may prompt more questions than answers, which is where we at Seoul City’s Investment Promotion Division

come in.
You’ll find our contact details on the last page.