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Investment and Startup QnA 목록
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28 Q. After incorporation, remember to not forget depositing the capital into the corporate account Invest Seoul 06-29 255
27 Q. Remember to check the tax return date and payment schedule. Invest Seoul 06-29 221
26 Q. How much is the personal income tax rate? Invest Seoul 06-29 220
25 Q. What should an employer do if a worker suddenly alleges that he or she has been unfairly dismissed, despite an pri… Invest Seoul 06-29 219
24 Q. How to issue a unique customs code upon first import Invest Seoul 06-29 212
23 Q. Remember to send and receive proof of transaction. Invest Seoul 06-29 208
22 Q. Regarding the weekly leave allowance, should it be paid in all cases regardless of the type of work, such as daily… Invest Seoul 06-29 203
21 Q. How to inspect imported food Invest Seoul 06-29 200
20 Q. Are all Labor Standards Act regulations applied to small businesses with less than 5 full-time workers? Invest Seoul 06-29 198
19 Q. Every May, remember to check whether you file income tax. Invest Seoul 06-29 196
18 Q. What are key points to keep in mind when writing a labor contract? Invest Seoul 06-29 195
17 Q. When remitting funds from overseas to a business man or corporation in Korea, Are there any tax requested? If so, w… Invest Seoul 06-29 194
16 Q. How do workers and freelancers differ? If one signed an independent contractor contract (free lancer contract) rath… Invest Seoul 06-29 194
15 Q. Use a credit or debit card. Invest Seoul 06-29 193
14 Q. How much is the corporate tax rate? Invest Seoul 06-29 185
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