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[Application Closed] 2nd Foreign Startup School in 2022

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Name Invest Seoul Date22-05-30 09:17


2nd Foreign Startup School in 2022

InvestSeoul offers the “Foreign Startup School” for foreigners who wish to start a business in Korea. The class covers basic education for necessary knowledge of entrepreneurship. We look forward to having much interest.
※ Upon completion of this curriculum, 25 points (OASIS 4) will be granted to obtain Technology Startup Visa. (D-8-4)

▣ How to apply

  • ○ Who : About 30 foreign pre-entrepreneurs who live in Korea.
  • ○ Curriculum Schedule
    Division Schedule Date Time Number of People
    2st Foreign Startup School 20th of June(Mon)~ 1st of July(Fri) Monday~Friday 19:00~21:00(2hrs)
    Total 10days, 20hrs
    About 30 people
    ※ Completion Criteria: Attendance rate should be more than 80% (16hrs or more)
  • ○ Subject : 10 lectures for company establishment and operation(※ Writing Business plan, preparation, marketing, tax, etc.)
  • ○ Method : All classes will be held through an online meeting (Zoom).
    - Please make sure to take classes in certain places that are not disturbed by others
      (Not possible to move during class and your face must be continuously exposed to the webcam.)
    - Wifi can be unstable, we recommend you to use the computer that is connected directly to the LAN wire.
  • ○ Class Fees : Free
  • ○ Application period : Until 10th of June, 2022(Fri), 18:00 (First come First served)
    ※ We will not inform you even if the application is closed due to first-come first-served closing.
    ○ Application form : Copy of the application form, Participation pledge and copy of Alien registration card (front and back)
    * Naturalized citizen: 1 copy of ID card, naturalization certificate (basic certificate, etc.)
    ○ How to Apply :
    ① Download attached file and fill out the application form.
    * Please preapre a copy of Alien Registration Card(back and front) or passport shows your official name and birthday.
    ② Apply via email
    ③ Please wait a confirming mail, sended after reviewing your application form.

▣ Curriculums

Number Content Duration
Orientation and curriculums introduction
1 Immigration laws and regulations 2H
2 Business operation and Tax system 2H
3 Target Marketing and Practice 2H
4 Real estate practice (Rental system, lease protection, etc) 2H
5 Understanding Korean society 3 (including Korean business culture) 2H
6 Business management related laws(labor, economy, etc) 2H
7 Policies for small business(ex. startups) and relative support 2H
8 Method to write Business plan and practice 2H
9 Presentation to Investors and Shareholders 2H
10 Understanding Korean society 4 (Patent and trademark registration, etc.) 2H
※ Detail information is subject to change depending on the status of the Ministry of Justice and the Operation of the center and the status of the project.

▣ Contact

  • ○ 02-6361-4133 /