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Foreign Startup School 2021

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Name Invest Seoul Date21-07-16 16:17


Foreign Startup School 2021

    Invest Seoul Center offers the “Foreign Startup School” for foreigners who wish to start a business in Korea. The class covers basic education for necessary knowledge of entrepreneurship. We look forward to having much interest.

  • ※ Upon completion of this curriculum, 25 points (OASIS 4) will be granted to obtain Technology Startup Visa. (D-8-4)

▣ How to apply

  • ○ Who : About 30 foreign pre-entrepreneurs who live in Korea.
  • ○ Curriculum Schedule
  • Division Schedule Date Time Number of people
    4th Startup school 9th of August(Mon)~
    23th of August(Mon)
    Total 10days, 20hrs
    About 30 people
  • ※ Completion Criteria: Attendance rate should be more than 80% (16hrs or more)
    August 16 Temporary holiday
  • ○ Subject: 10 lectures for company establishment and operation
               (※ Writing Business plan, preparation, marketing, tax, etc.)
  • ○ Method: All classes will be held through an online meeting (Zoom).
  •   - Please make sure to take classes in certain places that are not disturbed by others (you should not move around)
  •   - Wifi can be unstable, we recommend you to use the computer that is connected directly to the LAN wire.
  • ○ Class Fees: Free
  • ○ Application period: until 3th of August, 2021(Tuesday), 15:00 (First come First served)
  • ○ Application form: (Recommended) Copy of the application form, Participation pledge and copy of Alien registration card (front and back)
       * Naturalized citizen: 1 copy of ID card, naturalization certificate (basic certificate, etc.)
  • ○ Application method: Please visit our website ( to find the application form. Apply via email

▣ Contact: 02-6361-4135 /

▣ Curriculums

Number Content Duration
  Orientation and curriculums introduction  
1 Immigration laws and regulations 2H
2 Understanding Korean society 3 (including Korean business culture) 2H
3 Business operation and Tax system 2H
4 Policies for small business(ex. startups) and relative support 2H
5 Target Marketing and Practice 2H
6 Understanding Korean society 4 (Patent and trademark registration, etc.) 2H
7 Business management related laws(labor, economy, etc) 2H
8 Real estate practice (Rental system, lease protection, etc) 2H
9 Method to write Business plan and practice 2H
10 Presentation to Investors and Shareholders 2H
  • ※ Detail information is subject to change depending on the status of the Ministry of Justice and the Operation of the center and the status of the project.