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[OASIS-6] A Big Think 2021 (Business model audition for OASIS VISA(Kor…

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Name Invest Seoul Date21-07-08 15:51


[OASIS-6] A Big Think 2021 (Business model audition for OASIS VISA(Korean startup VISA)

Invest Seoul Center(ISC), a Business Navigator for Foreign Startups and investors, is going to hold 9th A Big Think(Business model audition) aim to OASIS VISA(Korean startup VISA) points for foreigners who want to start tech-based start-ups.

▣ What is technology-based Business model?

  • - Any product or service related or combined with innovative or existing technologies such as manufacturing, smartphone App, IoT, web and etc

▣ Competition Overview

  • ○ Submission of the application via email: Jul. 8 ~ Aug. 13
  • ○ Preliminary Round(Business model review): Aug. 19 ※ the result announcement on Aug. 23
  • ○ preparation for the final round: Aug. 23 ~ Sept. 10
    ※ Including 2.5 hours of the mandatory orientation & seminar (Schedule to be announced later)
  • ○ Final Round(presentation) Between Sept. 15 ~ 17
    (Schedule to be announced later)

▣ Application

  • ○ Application Period: Jul. 8 ~ Aug. 13
  • ○ Eligibility: Foreigners(a person/a group) or Foreigner-Korean teams those have technology-based business model.
    ※ In accordance with the requirements for OASIS VISA(Startup VISA), the foreigner applicants must have an Associate’s degree(only from Korea) or Bachelor’s degree(from Korea or overseas) or higher. ※ If the company has already existed. Only companies established in 2021 are eligible for applying for A Big Think.
  • ○ Submission[via email]:
  • ○ Required documents:
    1. Application form(Download)
    2. Business Model canvas (Download)
    3. Resume(including pictures) of all team members (free form)
    4. A copy of ARC or passport of all team members

▣ Award detailes [1st - 3rd place]

  • ○ [Money Prize]
    - 1st place: 1 team, 4,000,000 KRW
    - 2nd place: 2 teams, 2,000,000 KRW each
    - 3rd place: 2 teams, 1,000,000 KRW each
  • ○ [Privileges]
    - OASIS 6 : Start-up VISA(D-8-4) Prerequisite 25 points by the ministry of Justice
  • ○ [Startup subsidy]
    - 2 teams, 10,000,000 KRW each
    - If the top 2 scored teams start their business this year(in 2021). they have the priority, and when giving it up (don't start their business in 2021). the next scored team have the priority
    - he subsidy is paid through verification of documentary evidence(post-payback to the corporate bank account) ※ the method of usage will be notified to the subsidy recipient

▣ Note

  • - Winners may not be selected if there is no eligible business model
  • - The applicant shall be responsible for any disadvantages caused by false materials or errors in the application, non-submission of required documents, etc.

▣ Contact

  • ○ contact : (02)6361-4126 /