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ISC consulting service for foreign-invested companies in 2021

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Name Invest Seoul Date21-04-29 11:43


ISC consulting service for foreign-invested companies in 2021

▣ Overview

  • ○ Target : Foreign-invested companies established or increased capital in 2021(based in Seoul)
  • ○ How to apply : Send application with required documents via email(
  • ○ Submission deadline : Until 10th of December, 2021
    ※ First come, First served until all the budget is exhausted

▣ Outline

  • ○ Target : Foreign-invested companies established or increased capital in 2021 ※ Company should be based in Seoul and the amount of FDI being ₩100M or more
  • ○ Contents
    Division Details Scale of Support
    Labor law - Advice(labor law, labor contract and employment rule, regulation arrangement, labor union, etc)
    - Consulting(labor conflict, Incident proxy)
    - Labor seminar(legal compulsory education and guideline, etc)
    1% of the amount of FD ex) FDI ₩100M → Offer ₩1M ※ Limit is up to ₩10M per company
    HR - Searching for employees/recommendation
    - Verify HR(Academic background, career and reputation)
    - Career consulting and coaching, etc
    Law - Company in general(Article of Incorporation, Contracts with existing investors, etc.)
    - Asset/insurance/conflict(legal and contract restrictions, intellectual property right, major conflicts, etc)
    - Sales/Contract(Review the contract details and poison pill, risk management, etc)
    Tax/Accounting - Tax accounting and audit related advice
    - Tax ledger(Value added tax/corporate tax/general income tax, etc)
    ※ For downloading the application, please refer to the website of ISC (

▣ Process

  • Submit documents after selecting an agency and making the transaction
    Corporation(or a proxy)
    ※ When a proxy apply for this program on behalf of the company, they must submit their id card.
  • pplication(All year around)
    * Applying by email ONLY
  • After reviewing documents, a subsidy will be provided
    Invest Seoul Center

▣ Required documents

① Application and information usage agreement
② Service contract or estimate of agency
③ Business license or certificate of the agency
④ Report of service with evidential documents
⑤ Service fee transfer statement and receipt
⑥ A bank account of foreign-invested company
⑦ Certified of corporate register of foreign-invested company
⑧ Certificate of foreign-invested company registration
⑨ Business license of foreign-invested company
※ For capital increase, it is necessary to submit a Foreign Investment Report or Certificate of Foreign Refund Purchase
※ If any required document is not submitted, your application will be automatically processed as incomplete.

▣ Contact

  • ○ Person in charge : Shin, Sumin (Manager)
  • ○ Department : Seoul Business Agency, Invest Seoul Center, Investment & Startups Support Team
  • ○ Tel : 02-6361-4124 / Email :