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(for Korean Startups)
Project Guide
The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Invest Seoul Center are indentifying promising companies are indentifying promising companies for investment ('Seoul's Deal') to match them with overseas investors, andinvestors and provide various support programs to attract foreign investments.
In particular, for companies that are having difficulty attracting investment due to the COVID-19, we would like to introduce them to global investors in an UNTACT “untact” (non face-to-face) manner.
We earnestly hope that companies looking forward to creating new business opportunities through attracting global capital will take an interest.
Support Programs for Selected Companies
  • · Permanent promotion on the Investseoul.org site for matching with overseas investors
  • · Advertisement in leading overseas economic journals such as The Economist and promotion to related institutions for foreign investment(Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Korea, global enterprises, etc.)
  • · Provide additional points (5%) for the selection of KOTRA IKMP(Invest Korea Market Place)
  • · Provide opportunities for matching with overseas investors (online IR, offline IR events, etc.)
  • · IR support (document translation, IR video production, etc.)
How to participate
  • · Companies wishing to participate in the Seoul's Deal project can apply through online applications (open at any time).
  • · Companies will be selected through regular internal and external screening approximately twice a year.
Project Process
  • · Seoul-based startups, venture firms
    · Online application through Investseoul.org
  • · Finding promising companies through expert screening (twice a year)
    · Focusing on new growth industries (ICT, Bio, etc.)
  • Cooperation with related organizations
    - KOTRA, Chamber of Commerce
    - Domestic and overseas VC, AC
(for investors, Biz Partners)
Project Guide
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is trying to discover and promote promising companies for investment ('Seoul's Deal') so as to expand contacts with overseas investors.
The Invest Seoul Center supports the investors who are interested in comanies of Seoul's Deal to be matched an online.
What to support
  • · Provide company details when filling out an inquiry
  • · Support for video meetings with companies
How to participate
If you fill out an inquiry about the company you are interested in among those on the Seoul's Deal company list, we will provide IR materials and matching opportunities such as online meetings, after review.
Project Process