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[Invest Seoul CEO Interview] Stefan Rentsch, TUV SUD KOREA

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ネーム Invest Seoul 日付20-01-07 11:44

[Invest Seoul CEO Interview] Stefan Rentsch, TUV SUD KOREA

1. Please introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is Stefan Rentsch. TUV SUD Korea is working in the fields of inspection, testing, and certification. We’ve been around since almost 25 years now in Korea. And we work basically in all fields of industry from industry to mobility, products. We work with the tech giants like Samsung or LG. And we help them in mainly exporting their products into international markets. But we also look into importing goods into Korea and help exporters from other nations to bring products into Korea.

2. How do you think about South Korea as an optimal place to expand its business?
First of all, Korea is among the leading economies in the world. It’s a leading export nation and it’s home of tech giants. It has a very thriving automotive industry and also transportation industry. I think that’s very attractive especially for companies like us that are export oriented. And I think what makes it also very interesting is the innovative power that we have seen over the past years in Korea and I don’t see it stopping. So I think it’s a very excellent business environment that will shape the future.